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Ishimaru Michiyo (石丸ミチヨ) is a part of the Series 1 of UTAUpss called ''Close Companions'' although is usually abbreviated as Series01. The voice data was created by sampling amateur voice actress "mx". Her voice library is ment to work in the program UTAU, and was created by Project Sing Song.

Michiyo Ishimaru

Height: 173.7 cm (5'8")

Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)

Cupsize: B (by NA standards)

Optimum genre: Pop Rock / Pop Electric

Optimum range: E 3 ~ E # 5

Character item: Carrot

Name Meaning

Written in this kanji, 石丸ミチヨ translates to "a circular stone" and "three beautiful generations." Although written this way her name comes from the phrase 意し丸見ち世 (i shi marumi chiyo), which translates as "One day to see the whole world." Meaning something along the lines as making a first impression.


Character was created by mx, but the Illustration was drawn by Kitsunojo.

Unsure of what sparked the character design, mx says it was loosly tied to a Pokemon trainer, or something of the sort.

She's Designed to be the older, smarter, and more mature one of the two. She can be classified as some what of an Otenba (tomboy).

Sample of her voice;

Ishimaru Michiyo Crossfade Demo


- In the minds of her creators, Michiyo is a health nut. (Exercising and eating well) In comparison it is almost ironic how Chiyo eat only sweets and fatting foods and doesn't gain any weight.

- Michiyo's design and voices gives her a very calm and cool approach, when in reality Michiyo was designed to be upset and angry at everyone.

-Michiyo seems to be more observant than Chiyo or Fjord, even so she doesn't mommy them in any way. (Again, from the creators' perspective)