PSS, or "Project Sing Song" is a small organization which consists of;

mx Edit

Also known as: maddi-x, stumph, Prince Jeff du Altea

Birth: November 29

Occupation: Head of the Technical Division, Michiyo's voice actress.

Temperment: Procrastinator/good work ethic, imaginative. mx is more on the male side of the spectrum.

Extra info: Good friend to Kitsunojo in the real world. mx is talented in many things be it art, music, and logical thinking. She has a knack for overcoming nearly anything she tackles. She is also very modest but to the point that she scolds her own work as a third party.

Kitsunojo Edit

Also known as: Kit, Kitsu, Princess.

Birth: June 18

Occupation: Head of the Arts Division, Chiyo's voice actress.

Temperment: Procrastinator, passive, maternal. Kitsunojo is the type who likes to take care of people.

Extra info: Kitsunojo admires mx alot. Kitsunojo is absolutely amazing at any kind of art she attempts- whether it be traditional or digital. She is a great culinary artist, and is always helpful to those around her. Kitsunojo claims that she isn't so smart, yet has alot of common sense. Basically, she is a very sweet girl.