These 'pitch changes' are more frequently called "genderbents". When the pitch is lowered or highered, sometimes fans associate this new sound with a character from the same voice. The PSS Heads have created a few "genderbends" for all UTAUpss, including JOKALOID Donka Fjord.

Ishimaru Mashiga (石丸マシガ)Edit

Ishimaru Mashiga is the male equivalent of Ishimaru Michiyo. Unlike the masses, PSS does not like to call these genderbents "brothers" or "sisters" of the existing voicebank, but merely a gender variant. Here are some brief stats about Mashiga.

Name: (石丸マシガ) Ishimaru Mashiga

Age: 19

Height: Approx. 6 feet

Weight: ?

Item: Tissue Box

Personality: Mashiga's voice sounds depressed and sob-like, therefore he is a masochist. He enjoys pain and is suicidal. Mashiga's name comes from 間死我, which translates to something along the lines of 'death among us' or 'among death'.

Sakuwatari Chiaku (朔渡チアク)Edit

Sakuwatari Chiaku is Chiyo's male variant. He is not human, because of his demonic voice qualities. Like the pair Michiyo and Chiyo, Mashiga and Chiaku are also a pair that match in personality.

Name: (朔渡チアク) Sakuwatari Chiaku

Age: 13

Height: Approx. 4 feet (possibly shorter)

Weight: ?

Item: A Fairy Wand

Personality: Chiaku has an eternal struggle within himself. He proclaims to be a mighty 'Demon Price', but is only 4 feet tall. His demonic nature makes him want to do michevious and evil things, while brandishing high-heeled shoes. (Being a demon, he has the ability to fly) One of his favourite pastimes is torturing Mashiga, who enjoys this. Even though he is the epitome of evil, he would never think to hurt Chiyo. He is categorized as a sadist. Chiaku's name comes from 血悪, which translates as 'bad blood.'

Donka Dasha (鈍歌ダシャー)Edit

Donka Dasha is the female version of JOKALOID Donka Fjord. Dasha was created by accident while testing out a UTAU sound file. Unlike Fjord, Dasha only sings with his 'commercial' voice.

Name: (鈍歌ダシャー) Donka Dasha

Age: 16

Height: Approx. 5'5"

Weight: A lady never tells her true weight

Personality: Dasha is categorized as very annoying, and an idol wannabe due to her high-pitched voice. She and Fjord seem to fight over everything, and she is distant from the real PSS Utau. She spends her time hanging out with Mashiga and Chiaku. Because her voice does not work with Fjord's real voice (garbage/chaos library), she puts herself on a higher tier. Like Fjord, Dasha's given name has no significant meaning- although it is the name a famous Czech porn star.