Official art Chiyo

Sakuwatari Chiyo (朔渡チヨ) is a part of the Series 1 of UTAUpss called "Close Companions" usually abbreviated as Series01. The voice data was created by sampling amateur voice actress "Kitsunojo". Her voice library is meant to work in the program UTAU, and was created by Project Sing Song.

Sakuwatari Chiyo

Age: 15

Height: 154 cm (5'2") *

Weight: 40.9 kg (90 lbs)

Cupsize: D (by NA standards)

Optimum genre: Electro & Pop-pop songs

Optimum range: G # 3 ~ G # 5

Character item: Cake/ Sweet food

* height is including ahoge

Name Meaning

Written with this kanji, 朔渡チヨ translates to "the new moon which crosses over" and "generation." Although written this way, her name comes from the phrase 咲くわたり知よ (saku watari chiyo), which translates as "I know that I can bloom."


Character was designed and Illustrated by Kitsunojo.

Her outfit was based off of the 'sweet lolita' fashion, mixed with the very technical, or VOCALOID type of dress. Designed to be the younger, naive, cuter of the two, with accomplishing moe status.

Samples of her voice;

Sakuwatari Chiyo Crossfade Demo


- Chiyo was designed to look like your average lolita- ruffles, frills..etc. Her shapely figure was taken from her voice actress' appearance with added moe qualities.

- In the mind of Kitsunojo, Chiyo has a massive fasination with the fur on Fjord's coat. Since she seems to be a very affectionate person, she often hugs Fjord just to shower her face in the fluff. (This happens in Kitsunojo's dreams.. often)

-Michiyo and Chiyo have a big-sister little-sister relationship. They switch roles occasionaly.