Although this site is not edited as much as we would like it to, this section has been added so the front page isn't crowded, and that eveyone is up to date!

December 8/ Updates

I am pretty sure that hardly anyone checks this site, so I just want to direct everyone to the offical website! Okay? I try to update that every week (atleast), because I hope to have everyone informed about release dates, etc. Thank you in advance. (Don't forget to send us e-mails too! Questions and such will always be answered! Requests for Fjord should be directed there as well!)

November 21/ New E-mail Address!

For all of you that want to contact PSS, please do so at: ! This way, not all mail will be directed to mx. (There is more than one person running PSS!) Thank you for your co-operation.

November 1/ Category Changes!

The front page has been changed and some new things have been added.. So, here it goes. Series 1 is Michiyo and Chiyo while JOKALOID is Donka Fjord. We can't really consider him Series 2 because.. He can't really sing. I hope the new pages will be up and running soon!

October 31/ Little Updates

We've been busy.. Haha. I can't say how long it will take for us to release the two of them.. But it will be in the future, I assure you! For this time, I do reccomend taking a look at the offical website as that site is updated much more frequently. (You know, if something big pops up) So, if you're still waiting.. I'm sure you'll be sastified before the year is over! I was really hoping for some kind of Halloween special, but I guess that won't be hapening.. Haha.. I guess there's always next year, right?

January 17/ Happy New Year!

I've added this 'Updates' page now. I didn't like it crowding the front page.. I think I am just a little OCD sometimes. (Or when it comes to organization..)