UTAUPSS is a small organization of people who are dedicated to making high-quality UTAU. Staring out as two close friends who wanted to trick the masses into thinking there was a new set of Vocaloids; their plans were soon ruined as they found their trick had been used already- Kasane Teto. Finding Teto didn't exactly ruin everything though; it shined light onto the program UTAU. mx as the technical head worked for weeks trying to get the program to work, and in the process, created a handful of weird Teto noises. Thiking outside the box, mx realized that Teto's voice files were saved with a .wav extention. Using this to her advantage, mx recorded countless samples testing the program to work.

About a month later, (and Unicode Japanese) the first designs and voice files for Ishimaru Michiyo and Saruwatari Chiyo were created. After many design changes, Chiyo's surname change, and the beginning of the ACT2 voicebanks- Michiyo and Chiyo have created (what they call) a small piece of acknowledgment. As their creators saw it as a way to pass the time, it soon turned into a large project in wishes to give others a small piece of themselves.

The Project started in the spring of 2008. The ACT1 voices were completed in one sitting that same summer; which technically puts PSS as the first to create UTAU outside of Japan. Although, these voices were not released to the general public until December 26, which, coincidentally was 20 days after the American "Tomero Chii" appeared on the video sharing website, Youtube. So looking at these facts, it's safe to assume Michiyo and Chiyo were the first UTAU created by English-speaking users. After some time delay, sample videos of Michiyo and Chiyo's voices were put on to youtube just for fun, and had accumulated a small amount of chat.

Months after, the JOKALOID "Donka Fjord" was created as a joke to be put out on April 1st. Fjord was advertsised with a fake voice and a 'cute' design to attract attention. (So people would download him, you see?) Being released on April 1st, his true voicebank, which is just an accumulation of unusable sounds and noises, was out for download. Fjord's true voice is the "garbage" voice that is for download on the PSS Official Website, and not his Commericial voice that can be found on Youtube and Nicovideo.

Although after many computer crashes and delays, we as PSS will be sure that the voice libraries were worth the wait.